We specialize in finding passive candidates. While some companies have no shortage of people that respond as soon as they post a position, that is not the norm for most companies. By employing targeted research and sourcing skills, we proactively seek out top tier talent. These are people that are not necessarily looking for work but who respond to our professionalism and tenacity. We approach passive candidates with information and knowledge so we are compelling. We know how to present your company so it is attractive to innovators and leaders.


The use of social networks and other digital search tools has opened up a much wider talent pool for recruiters to draw from, but the time it takes to conduct this research is too time consuming and takes hiring managers away from their most important task – running a company. We conduct research, relying on the best digital tools on the market. Over our 20+ year history we have built a database that contains more than three million contacts.

We provide Weekly reporting so our clients have insight into the process. Our analytics allow hiring managers to direct the search and make adjustments early in the process, if needed, saving clients time and money. Digital tools can never replace human instincts when it comes to identifying and screening the best talent, but we stay on top of technological trends and leverage tools on behalf of our clients.


Identifying and sourcing passive candidates requires a strategic process. We work closely with our clients to learn their industry so we can target their direct competitors. Our research team relies on digital technologies and leading edge recruitment tools to identify every potential candidate. We cast a broad net then our Recruiters narrow in on the best panel of candidates by thoroughly screening and vetting each person they contact. They are tenacious and knowledgeable. With a deep understanding of our client’s business our Recruiters turn passive candidates into people that are interested and ready to interview for the innovative positions we have been hired to fill.
Our process is completely transparent. Each week we provide our clients with reports that reflect our progress. They see the search unfold and their involvement in the recruiting process, from start to finish, guarantees our success.

Project Flexibility

Most retained search firms work on positions at the Vice President level and above but we have found that our clients need the same attention paid to mid-level management openings. We apply the same rigor and professionalism to filling positions across the enterprise, including Managers and Directors.
There is a great opportunity to create an innovative organization from the middle down. Leadership is essential to a company’s success and that leadership doesn’t end at the top.


There is a conflict of interest built into the way most search firms price their services. Why should recruiters be compensated based on what the candidate is paid? Traditional pricing provides incentive for recruiters to present the most expensive rather than the most talented candidate. Besides, when these recruiters negotiate the final offer, they are working for the candidate, not on behalf of the client.

We cap our fees before starting every project so our clients know we have their back.