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  • Founded in 1986, JH Partners, LLC, formerly Jesse.Hansen&Co. (“JH Partners” or “JHP”) is a San Francisco-based private equity firm focused on building sustainable, long-term equity value in consumer and marketing-driven growth companies. JH Partners differentiates itself from traditional private equity groups by the considerable operating experience of its principals, which includes more than 35 years of combined tenure in senior operating roles. JH Partners invests in growth oriented businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and revenues of $10 to $300 million.
    Successful Search: CEO, Chef’s Catalog

    The CEO substantially grows the company’s revenues, generating significantly higher profit margins by building additional retail stores and continued growth in the direct channels.

    The CEO works with the current management, JH Partners and the board to develop a growth plan that is supported by all parties. The CEO takes full responsibility for the company’s strategy and operations, managing the company’s employees and its operations. Responsible for:

    Leading all activities aimed at establishing revenue growth, particularly sales and marketing programs designed to achieve and increase product awareness, customer acquisition and the company’s market position. Hiring, retaining, motivating and leading a first class executive management team to create Chef’s Catalog new market presence, establishing the Company as the ‘de facto’ market leader in the high-end culinary and cookware space. Charting strategic corporate direction and establishing short and long-range goals, as well as the criteria to measure attainment of these goals and closely monitoring results. Driving the strategic and tactical business plan that promotes the achievement of significant growth objectives with strong consideration given to the identification and acquisition of key customers and channels. Establishing and maintaining effective investor relations. Establishing and maintaining strong working relationship with the company’s Board of Directors. Maintaining an awareness (market scanning) and responsiveness to market conditions, competitive activities, and the general economic climate.